Our Pricing

Prices are presented in USD per 1 page, which is typed in Arial font 12pt, double-spaced. The average page is approximately 275 words. Mind that the prices above don’t include VAT. Only customers living on the territory of the European Union are to pay it. The tax will be added to the price of the order during the payment process.

Our Extras

1. Preferred Writer

This feature offers several options: “Regular Writer”, “Advanced regular writer”, “TOP Writer” and “My Previous Writer”. If you choose “My Previous Writer”, you will need to specify the writer’s ID so that we could assign them to your order. An initial deadline cannot be less than 24 hours, otherwise the feature won’t be available. The deadline you choose influences the price for your order and doesn’t depend on the level of your writer. Please note that we do not guarantee that the writer you have requested is going to be available. Differently you will be provided with another professional writer. If you choose “TOP Writer”, the basic price of your order will be increased automatically, depending on the deadline, number of pages, academic level and type of writing as you will have one of our best writers do work for you. “Advanced regular writer” costs less than “TOP Writer” and guarantees that the quality of your paper will be better than with the FREE “Regular Writer” option.

2. VIP Customer Service

If you order our VIP customer service feature, your inquiries and messages will be processed before others. We will also be sending you text message notifications to your phone. You will need to provide a valid mobile phone number to make the most of this feature. This premium feature costs just $14.99

3. Plagiarism Report

Every completed paper we deliver is checked for plagiarism using one of the top plagiarism detection systems WebCheck.

You can order an official plagiarism report by choosing the corresponding option in the order form. The report will be uploaded for you to view after you approve the paper. The price will depend on the size of the paper.

Single-spaced pages:

  • 1 to 5 pages – $9.99
  • 6 and more pages – $11.99 plus $2.00 for every page afterwards

Double-spaced pages:

  • 1 to 10 pages – $9.99
  • 11 and more pages – $10.99 plus $1.00 for every page afterwards

4. Abstract Page

If you need a professional abstract for your APA paper or you would just like to order one, you can do so in the order form. The feature is going to cost you $14.99. That’s not much, considering how important a well-written abstract is for the success of your paper.

There are many reasons why you need fresh content. A few reasons are: 

  1. Keeping Your Clients Engaged
  2. Content Boosts Your SEO
  3. Blogs show your audience you know your trade.
  4. Educate and engage your audience to encourage them to share your content.

Yes. Our content is written by professionals that understand what is needed to have your website pages ranking on Google. If you need to target specific keywords, you can add the information in your submission to ensure we include them.

Usually when a new customer joins us, it can take some time to work with you to connect you with the correct writer, understand your tone and audience. We accept and encourage all feedback but if you still are not happy after the first few revisions we will refund your payment in full. Sometimes our pool of writers may not suit your needs.

Ace Writers also have a pool of website developers who can help you with a new website. Our websites are professionally designed and built custom sites, none of those cheap and nasty templates. Sites start from $3500 for a standard basic blog or business site.

You can contact your account manager who will work with you. Our writers work best when they are not interrupted all day with emails and messages, we have found that working with account managers get both parties the most out of their time and budget.